Getting started with the M5

To get your new M5 up and running, follow the items outlined below. This will ensure your M5 is ready to be used for measuring recovery and training.  Also, be sure to continue to the articles regarding how to take your recovery test and how to train with the M5.

Note: DO NOT connect the M5 directly to your phone in the Bluetooth device settings.  The connection must take place through the app.  If you connect your M5 directly to your phone's Bluetooth settings you will have a difficult time connecting the M5 to the Morpheus app.

1. Unlock and charge the M5

To unlock the band and disable shipping mode, first remove the plastic from the sensor and connect the charging cable to the terminals on the back. It is recommended to charge the M5 battery to full prior to first use.

The battery indicator and charging notification will display in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

2. Turn on the M5

Press the power / select button on the right side of the M5 band.  The OLED screen will power up.

The correct time will be set when you sync the M5 to the Morpheus app for the first time.

Note: There is no off button. M5 will turn off automatically after 15 seconds of inactivity.

3. Set The Time by Syncing Your M5

  • Use the touchscreen on the M5 to navigate to the Sync screen. 

  • Press the side button to start the process and open the Morpheus app.  You will see the visual below on the screen of your M5.
  • In the Morpheus app, tap the TRAIN icon.  
  • Then tap SYNC.

  • When the app and the M5 have connected you will see the visual below on your M5 screen.

 This should set the time on your M5 and now it's ready to use for all functions

From the digital clock display on the M5, you can choose between 12 and 24 hour modes by tapping on the screen to navigate between the two options and using the select button to confirm.

4. Operating the M5

The M5 unit comes equipped with an OLED touchscreen and a single button on the side of the unit.  The touchscreen operates as a method to change from one operating function to another (ie change from digital clock screen to the training screen).

You don’t need to swipe the screen like on a phone, you can just tap the screen.

The side button operates as an “enter” command within each function (ie change from 12-hour to 24-hour time on the digital clock screen).

The 5 screen interfaces are shown below.  

Details on taking the Recovery Test and training with your M5 can be found throughout the user articles.  Please be sure to visit the different sections and read these articles specific to what you want to do with Morpheus and the M5.

For the full M5 user guide, FAQ guide, and troubleshooting guide, please visit the link below: