This quick start guide will get you started using Morpheus to train, track, and test your recovery.  

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Now it’s time for the fun stuff—learning how to train hard and recover harder with Morpheus.

Below are the basic steps to get started with Morpheus.

  • Remove the clear plastic sticker from the sensor on the back of the M5 device. Fully charge your M5 using the included magnetic charging cable and a USB charging port.

  • To take your first Recovery Test…Position the M5 mid-low forearm.  Use the M5 touchscreen to find the Test screen.  Press the side button to confirm.  After the M5 shows your heart rate, press the Test icon in the middle of the Morpheus app screen.  When the M5 connects to the app, press the Start icon and relax for the 2.5 minute test.  When the test has finished, answer the short questionnaire and press Calculate My Recovery.

  • You can choose to train with or without the Morpheus app running.  To train with the app, go to the Train icon and select your Workout Type.  Press Start. Connect your M5, M3, or other Bluetooth strap and you’re set.  End your workout by pressing the blue Pause icon and then choose Finish.  You will see your workout results.  Press Done and your recovery score will recalculate based on the intensity and duration of your workout.

Please see other user articles for more specifics on the various features and functions of Morpheus.  And if you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out via support ticket ( or email us at