Instabug reporting:  

Morpheus comes with a powerful reporting tool called “Instabug,” that you can use to report a problem or provide feedback.

Instabug reporting is the best way to let us know about a bug or any technical problems you may run into in the app.  

Instabug should not be used for general questions or issues with hardware (ie M5 and M3).

To activate Instabug, you simply need to do a two-finger swipe from right to left on any screen within Morpheus

Once you do this, it will trigger the “How can we help you?” box and allow you to report a problem or provide feedback.

When you submit a report, it sends us the technical information we need to identify exactly what went wrong so we can fix it ASAP.  

This makes it much faster and easier for us to update the app to take care of the issue, so please use this method to report technical issues.