The Morpheus recovery test is the process by which the M5 and the Morpheus app together are measuring your Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

This is a 2:30 second test that needs to be as standardized and consistent as possible to get the best results.

3 best practices for this test are as follows:

  • Should be done daily within 15 minutes of waking from overnight sleep before consuming food or stimulants.
  • The M5 should be placed on the same arm in about the same spot for each measurement.
  • You should rest completely still in the same general body position for each measurement (lying down or seated).

After the test, the Morpheus app crunches a bunch of numbers to calculate your recovery score for that day.

To learn more about how the results are calculated and how to interpret them, please visit the link below:

Interpreting Your Results