Does this M5 replace the current Morpheus recovery band?

Yes, the new M5 is designed to replace the current recovery band and more. With the new OLED touch screen display and smaller, lighter weight design, the new M5 is also perfect for training with. Unlike with the original Morpheus recovery band, you won't need your phone to see your heart rate zones.  Your heart rate will be displayed on the OLED screen, along with the colored zone.  This makes it easier than ever to use Morpheus to help you get the most out of each workout.

Please note that the original Morpheus Recovery band will continue to work and purchasing the M5 is not required to continue using Morpheus.

Does the M5 track activity or sleep?

At this time, the M5 does not track activity or sleep.  It is designed to be used for the Recovery test and for Heart Rate Training.  Adding the additional sensors, battery and memory capability to track activity and sleep would add significant size and weight to the band.  

Can I wear the M5 all the time as a watch?

Although the M5 does display time and is comfortable enough to be worn 24/7 if you want to, it wasn't designed with this in mind. As stated above, the M5 does not track activity or sleep, so there is no real advantage to wearing it as a watch.

Is the M5 waterproof?

The M5 has an IP-67 water resistance rating.  This rating officially means that a device can be submerged in 1 meter depth water for up to 30 minutes.  

Never press the button on the M5 while in the water.

PPG heart rate signal will not work well in the water so trying to use the M5 as a heart rate monitor while swimming is not advised.  Wearing an ANT+ compatible heart rate strap paired to the M5 may work while swimming, but understand that heart rate signal in the water is generally sketchy at best.

How exactly does it work with the M3 chest strap and other ANT+ devices?

In order to improve accuracy when training, the M5 was built to give you the option to use the internal heart rate sensor OR connect to the Morpheus M3 chest strap - as well as any other ANT+ heart rate monitor chest strap that you may want to use.

When connected to a chest strap, the M5 will display heart rates from the chest strap instead of its own internal optical sensor.  This gives you the ability to get the highest level of accuracy possible, while still being able to see your heart rate live on the M5 display when you're training.

Is the strap available in different colors and sizes?

The M5 will ship with an adjustable black strap, but other colors and styles will eventually be available.  The M5 uses a standard strap size and is compatible with a wide variety of third part options.  Any strap that fits the Samsung Galaxy watch will also fit the M5.  If looking for a replacement strap, you will need a band that has a 20mm width.  Most of these standard bands fit 6.5"-10.6" (165mm-270mm) wrists/forearms (circumference).  

Custom colors and styles will also available for larger gym and team orders.

If I already have a fitness watch, do I need the M5?

The M5 is the only fitness wearable designed specifically to work with the Morpheus mobile app.  While you can use other fitness watches during your training, they won't display your personalized heart rate zones and they won't let you upload all your data directly into Morpheus after your workout.

The M5 makes it much easier to take your recovery measurement and train with Morpheus, but the M5 is not required if you already have and would like to continue using Morpheus with the original Morpheus recovery band.


I think there is a problem with my M5 device.  Who do I contact?

No technology is without issues.  And although we anticipate technical product issues to be rare, things can happen.  If you think there's a problem with your M5 and you'd like help troubleshooting it, first reference our M5 troubleshooting guide at this link:  M5 Maintenance and Troubleshooting

If the answer cannot be found in this guide, please contact us and we are happy to help.