How exactly does the M3 chest strap work with the M5 armband?

When entering the M5 TRAIN screen, you can choose ANT+ device and connect your M3 to the M5.

When connected to the M5, the M5 will display heart rates from the M3 chest strap instead of its own internal optical sensor.  This gives you the ability to get the highest level of accuracy possible, while still being able to see your heart rate live on the M5 display when you're training.

If I already have a heart rate chest strap, do I need the M3?

The M3 is the only chest strap designed specifically to work with the Morpheus mobile app.  While you can use other Bluetooth and/or ANT+ straps during your training with the Morpheus mobile app or with the M5, if you are using other chest straps without being connected to the Morpheus app or the M5, they won't let you upload all your data directly into Morpheus after your workout.

The M3 is one of the only heart rate straps was designed to be compatible across a wide range of fitness devices and apps:

  • ALL Bluetooth devices and apps
  • ANT+ devices made by Garmin, Suunto, Samsung and more
  • Cardio equipment by Life Fitness, Precor, Keiser, Woodway, Versaclimber, etc.


I think there is a problem with my M3 device.  Who do I contact?

No technology is without issues.  And although we anticipate technical product issues to be rare, things can happen.  If you think there's a problem with your M3 and you'd like help troubleshooting it, first reference our M3 troubleshooting guide at this link:  M3 Chest Strap Troubleshooting

If the answer cannot be found in this guide, please contact us and we are happy to help.