As is the case with any technology, technical issues can happen from time to time.  

Please see below for some helpful preventative maintenance and product troubleshooting tips.

Preventative Maintenance

  • Regularly clean the M5 sensor, especially after sweating during exercise or being exposed to substances such as soap or detergent which may attach on the back sensor side of the device.
  • Do NOT wash the M5 with household cleanser.  Please use water or soapless detergent, rinse thoroughly and wipe with a piece of soft towel or cloth.
  • Ensure the M5 OLED touchscreen and the LED sensors on the backside of the M5 do not get damaged.  
  • When you need to charge your M5, fully charge it.  You'll see a full white battery on the OLED screen when it is fully charged.
  • Store the M5 in a cool, dry location.


No Heart Rate Found

  • Reasons for this may include:
    • The clear plastic protector has not been removed from the back of the device.
    • Position of the sensor on your arm is not ideal.
    • LED sensor lights on the back of the device are dirty.
    • Tattoos or other arm "issues" that are not allowing the LED lights to penetrate your skin.

  • Solutions:
    • Tap the touchscreen to search again.
    • Readjust the M5 on your arm.
    • Clean the LED sensor on the back of the device with a cloth.
    • Ensure the LED lights turn on when in HR searching mode.  If they do not, please contact us.

M5 will not connect to the Morpheus App

  • Reasons for this may include:
    • M5 is not in the correct mode
    • Phone Bluetooth is turned off or for another reason cannot recognize the M5
    • M5 is not charged

  • Solutions:
    • Ensure that the M5 is in the correct mode and that you can see your heart rate on the M5 screen prior to trying to connect it to the Morpheus app.
    • Turn off and back on the Bluetooth of your phone
    • Fully charge your M5
    • Training data won’t transfer to the Morpheus app

Training Data won't transfer to the Morpheus app

  • Reasons for this may include:
    • You don't have the most up-to-date version of the Morpheus app
    • Bluetooth of phone is turned off
    • The M5 has not been placed into SYNC mode

  • Solutions:
    • Check the App Store or Google Play store to make sure that you have the most up-to-date Morpheus app version
    • Make sure the Bluetooth of your phone is turned on
    • Use the touchscreen on the M5 to go to the SYNC screen and then press the side button to enter SYNC mode.

Heart Rate Appear to be Inaccurate 

  • Reasons for this may include:
    • The M5 has an optical sensor.  Accuracy will be very high during rest and during cyclical movements with consistent work output.  Optical sensors can become less accurate during higher intensity exercise that also includes fast multi-directional movements.
    • The M5 is not in an optimal location on your arm.

  • Solutions:
    • You can pair the M3 or any ANT+ chest strap to the M5 for increased accuracy if needed.
    • Readjust the M5 on your arm.  It needs to be tight enough to not allow light to pass underneath, but also loose enough to not restrict blood flow in your arm.

Resetting the M5

  • If you have tried everything you can think of, but you still cannot seem to get the M5 functioning as it should, you can try a hard reset of the device by holding the side button for 10 seconds.  This will reset it.  
  • Then you should follow the SYNC process to set the correct time on your M5.