IMPORTANT:  While optical heart rate monitor technology typically provides the best estimate of a user's heart rate, there are inherent limitations with the technology that may cause some of the heart rate readings to be inaccurate under certain circumstances, including the user's physical characteristics, fit of the device, and type and intensity of activity.  If you want to track heart rate during higher intensity activities and/or those that include a lot of high speed movement (of the arm), our recommendation is to wear the M3 chest strap for better accuracy.  The M3 chest strap can be connected to the M5 armband if you wish to have your live heart rate visible during training without being connected the Morpheus app on your phone.  You can also choose to wear any ANT+ compatible chest strap that you may already have.

The Train interface can be accessed by tapping the touchscreen until you arrive there.  This is where you will go anytime you want to use the M5 for training, either by itself or connected to an ANT+ chest strap (such as the M3)

  • From the Train screen press the side button to access the screen shown below.  The first thing you need to do is decide if you are using the M5 directly for heart rate training or if you are connecting an ANT+ chest strap to the M5 instead.
    • NOTE:  If you connect to and ANT+ chest strap, the M5 will show live heart rate coming from the chest strap, not the M5 itself.  This may be a good idea when planning to do high intensity exercise or exercise with fast, multi-directional movements - a chest strap will provide high accuracy.

  • The selected option will be highlighted in white.  If using the M5 for heart rate, ensure the M5 is highlighted and then press the side button to confirm

  • To connect an ANT+ chest strap to the M5 press ANT+ DEVICE on the screen.  You will then see the FIND DEVICE screen as it searches for nearby compatible ANT+ devices.  Please ensure that your device is powered on and/or you are wearing it at this time.

  • When the M5 finds a compatible device, it will return an ID# highlighted in white on the screen.  Press the side button to confirm.

  • After you have confirmed your heart rate monitoring device, now it’s time to train.  You will see one of the Workout Type screens shown below.  
    • Use the touchscreen to toggle to Cardio, Mixed, or Strength.  
    • Press the side button to confirm your choice.

  • After you confirm your Workout Type by pressing the side button, the M5 will search for a heart rate signal, either from itself or a device you previously paired in #4 above.

  • When you are in one of the 3 heart rate zones you will see the live heart rate number change colors to reflect the zone you are in.  In the upper left corner you will see the total time you have been in that zone.  In the upper right corner you will see your connection type (ANT or BLE) and the signal strength.  You will also see the battery life indicator icon for your M5.

  • The M5 will display the type of device connection it showing on the screen (ANT+, Bluetooth, or no connection)
    • The M5 can send ANT+ or Bluetooth (BLE) to any compatible app (such as Morpheus or other heart rate training app) or device (such as certain cardio machines)
    • The M5 can receive ANT+ heart rate signal from devices that can send it (such as the M3 chest strap)
    • The M5 can send ANT+ heart rate signal to any compatible device, such as some cardio gym equipment.
    • You will know which connection type is being used on the M5 screen.

For more information about ANT+ and BLE compatible straps, please see the information at this link: 

  • Tap the touchscreen any time to change from a view of “time in zone” to a view of “total workout time”.

  • To end a workout, press the side button.  You will see the screen shown below.  If ready to end the workout, press the side button when END WORKOUT is highlighted white.  If wanting to return to the workout, touch RETURN on the screen and then press the side button to confirm.
    • If M5 is connected to the Morpheus app for live training, you can stop the workout via the Morpheus app and then stop the workout on the M5.  Only the data that is in the app be saved.
    • If M5 is NOT connected to the Morpheus app for live training, you will end the workout on the M5 and sync the data to the app later.

  • After confirming you want to end the workout, you will see the total training time.  You can use the touchscreen to toggle through the zones to see the amount of time spent in each of the 3 zones.