One of the biggest reasons people fail to get the results they’re looking for is because choosing the right intensity to train at day in and day out is not easy.  It’s human nature to think we can handle more training and more intensity than we really can, or should.

When too much intensity is used over time, at best you’ll hit a frustrating plateau and at worst, you’ll end up fatigued and over-trained. 

On the other hand, using too little intensity means you’ll fail to make consistent progress.  When this happens, our instinct is often to solve this problem by doing more.  Of course, this works, for a little while at least, but sooner or later, we end up doing more and more until we’re right back to doing too much.

The key to avoiding this fitness roller coaster and achieving long-term, sustainable results is to strike the right balance between intensity, the stress of life, and recovery.  Morpheus was designed to help you do exactly that by analyzing all the most important information – your training, sleep, activity, HRV and how you feel – and crunch the numbers to give you a daily recovery score and personalized training zones to guide your intensity.

From here, all you have to do is set up your program to allow for easy, moderate, and hard days each week.  The hardest workouts should also take the longest to complete and the easiest workouts should be the shortest duration.

You also have to be flexible because when you choose to do each type of workout will depend on what your recovery score is each day.

Example: ideally you do not want to do a hard workout on a day that you are less than 60% recovered.

Below is a basic look at how a 6 day per week plan may look.

Another way to look at planning your week is to follow the naming conventions shown below:

  • Development = Hard Day
  • Stimulation = Moderate Day
  • HPRT (High Performance Recovery Training) = Easy Day

These different intensity days will have different impacts on your post-workout recovery score adjustment.

  • Development and Stimulation days should both cause a decrease in post-workout recovery score.
  • HPRT days should cause an increase in post-workout recovery score.

Outline of Development (hard) Days:

Outline of Stimulation (moderate) Days:

Outline of HPRT (easy) Days:

Outline of Your Ideal Training Week:

Below is an example week from one of our Morpheus users.