Syncing a workout from the M5 to the app is only for workout situations during which you were not using the Morpheus app during your workout.

This means that you can train WITHOUT connecting to the Morpheus app on your phone and then upload your training data after your workout.  You will be able to see your heart rate zones on your M5 as they will be shown in the color that represents each zone...

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are connecting the M3 chest strap to the M5 for your workout (details HERE) and NOT using the Morpheus app during your workout, you will want to sync your workout data from your M5 to the app, not from your M3.

M5 Armband Syncing Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure that you have have fully completed the workout on the M5 and that it is back onto the digital clock interface.  Make sure it is not on the TRAIN interface when trying to sync.  

If your M5 screen is off or is on the digital clock, to complete a Workout Sync from the M5 to the app, you can just press SYNC in the app without doing anything to your M5 (the screen can be off) as long as the M5 is within Bluetooth range of your phone.  

Once you press SYNC in the app and your M5 connects to your app, you will see your M5 screen change to that which is shown below.

After your workout data has been sent to your phone so that you can choose it and import it, you will see a large checkmark on your M5 screen.

Now you will use the Morpheus app to import the saved workout from M5 to the app.  

You will see a list of any workouts that have been transferred from the M5 to your phone.

Touch the box to the left of the workout(s) you want to import to the app and you will see the workout details appear on the screen.  If you have more than one workout to import then you want to check the box next to both of them and adjust both of them prior to pressing Import.

You will see a heart rate graph of your workout.  Below that there is an Exact Time toggle bar that allows you to edit out the beginning and/or end of your workout.

Answer the 2 questions by moving the slider scale anywhere from 0 to 10.

  • When rating workout difficulty (RPE), 10 is the most difficult and 0 is the least.
  • When rating your performance, 0 is your worst performance; 10 is your best performance.

Touch Import

After you press Import you will see a pop-up question that is asking if you want to delete all unsaved workout data.  This just means that if there are any other workouts under the Select Workouts section that you have NOT yet fully imported, choosing Yes will delete those workouts and you will not be able to import them to the app later.  You should always select Yes if you have no other workouts in the list to import.  

Then your workout has been fully imported into the app and you can then either choose to press OK or View Results.

If you press OK then you will see your recovery re-adjust based on the results from your workout.  

If you press View Results, then be sure to press Done in the upper left corner when you are finished reviewing your workout.

After your post-workout recovery score has been recalculated, your updated heart rate zones will sync to your M5.  This is great for anyone wanting to complete more than 1 workout per day - your zones will adjust after the first workout so you can use your new data for the second workout.

Press OK.

Synced workouts appear in the Morpheus app workout history interface with an asterisk (*) next to them.  Workouts that were completed directly in the app will not show an asterisk.