You can view your sleep, HRV, training, activity, and recovery data all from the TRACK screen of the Morpheus app.

To view each subset of data over time, simply tap the quadrant you wish to select. Your data summary will appear in the chart at the bottom of the screen.  

You can change the time range display by tapping anywhere on the chart.

The TRAIN data has a History view in the chart display.  When you select this view, your recorded workouts will appear as a list.  Tap a workout from the list to view your full workout summary. 

To delete a workout from the list, swipe left over the workout you intend to remove and then select Delete.

If you wish to review tracking data from a specific day, tap the quadrant corresponding to the data you wish to view (such as “Sleep”), then tap the date displayed under the Morpheus logo.

This will cause a calendar to drop down so you can select the day you’re interested in viewing.

The dates that have data recorded was will appear colored as follows: 

Recovery data will appear as either green, amber, or red, depending on your recovery score each day:

IMPORTANT:  Morpheus stores the previous 3 months of data on your phone and keeps the rest of your history stored in the cloud. If you scroll back more than 3 months, it may take Morpheus some time to load all your previous data. Note that an internet connection is required to keep the data synced between your phone and the cloud and view data that is older than 3 months.  If you switch to a new phone or device, you can simply download Morpheus and log in to restore your data.

If you ever notice that any data is missing from prior months...