There are a number of ways you can use heart rate training to guide the intensity of your workouts.

This article is intended to give you information that you can immediately use in your training plan.

As a reminder from the Program Design 101 article, you want to vary your training intensity throughout each week.  Below is a basic example of what this may look like.

Another way to look at planning your week is to follow the naming conventions shown below:

  • Development = Hard Day
  • Stimulation = Moderate Day
  • HPRT (High Performance Recovery Training) = Easy Day

To incorporate heart rate training methods into your week, you first need to understand several methods you can use and what type of day they can be used on.

Here is a visual of 8 different conditioning (heart rate training) methods that you can complete while using Morpheus as your guide to knowing which heart rate zone you are in.

Soon we will be posting examples of what each method looks like when using the Morpheus app.  Stay tuned for that.