You can wear your M3 by itself and it will record your workout and allow you to import the workout to the Morpheus app afterward.

As soon as you are wearing the M3 with the sensor fully snapped to the chest strap it will start recording. 

Unsnapping the middle transmitter from the chest strap is what stops heart rate data being transmitted.  Thus, this will stop the M3 from recording data.  

PLEASE NOTE:  To save battery life of the M3, be sure to fully unsnap the middle transmitter from the chest strap when not in use.

Proceed with your workout session as planned.  When you are finished you have a couple of choices for uploading the recorded heart rate data to the Morpheus app:

  1. Without taking off the heart rate strap, open the Morpheus app on your phone and immediately upload the data.
  2. Take off the heart rate strap, unsnap the middle transmitter, and then upload the data to the Morpheus app later that same day by putting it back on.

When you are ready to transfer your workout data to the Morpheus app, you should be wearing the M3 chest strap with the transmitter fully attached to the strap.

To complete a Workout Sync from the M3 to the app, you can just press SYNC in the app while you are wearing your M3 (the screen can be off) as long as you are within Bluetooth range of your phone.  

  • You may see a note about the M5.  If syncing a workout from the M3, you will select "Choose Device" in which case you'd select your M3 when it appears in the list of devices.  The app will then connect to the M3.

  • You will see a list of any workouts that are currently stored on the M3 transmitter (reminder that a workout can be recorded any time you are wearing the M3 chest strap for 5 minutes or more) so only upload what you want and then you can choose to delete any unneeded workouts once the workout you want has uploaded.
  • Touch the box to the left of the workout you want to upload and you will see the workout details appear on the screen.

  • Touch the icon that best describes the type of training that was completed (Strength, Cardio, or Mixed)
  • You will see a heart rate graph of your workout.  Below that there is an Exact Time toggle bar that allows you to edit out the beginning and/or end of your workout.
  • Answer the 2 questions by moving the slider scale anywhere from 0 to 10.
    • When rating workout difficulty (RPE), 10 is the most difficult and 0 is the least.
    • When rating your performance, 0 is your worst performance; 10 is your best performance.
  • Touch Import
  • You can then either choose to press OK or View Results.
    • If you press OK then you will see your recovery re-adjust based on the results from your workout.  
    • If you press View Results, then be sure to press Done in the upper left corner when you are finished reviewing your workout.
  • After the data has been transferred from the M3 to the Morpheus app, you may be asked if you want to delete any unsaved workout data.  Choosing yes removes anything not already uploaded and/or not needed from the M3 transmitter to open up space for future workouts to save.