There are 2 main methods that we like that can be used on moderate intensity days (aka stimulation days).  These methods are called:

  • High Intensity Continuous Training (HICT)
  • Intensive (or Alactic) Intervals

Completing these methods and spending time in the Morpheus green Conditioning Zone can aide in improving your conditioning while developing mid-level energy systems and fast-twitch muscle fibers.  

NOTE:  All heart rate training methods should be placed into a customized plan that allows for alterations each day depending on recovery score, how much time you have, and your mindset that day.

High Intensity Continuous Training (HICT)

This method is moderate intensity while staying in the Morpheus green zone.  

The key to this method is to use very high resistance and very low speed so that the exercise can be maintained without fatiguing the muscles too fast, which is what would happen if you used high resistance at a moderate or fast speed.

Below is an example of what the HICT method may look like in the Morpheus app.  

Intensive (Alactic) Intervals

This is a moderately high intensity interval method. 

The key to this method is to use an explosive body weight exercise so that you can do several reps at max intensity followed by active recovery.  

  • Looking for about a 5-10 sec work period at max intensity (many different explosive body weight exercises could be used, pick one). ⁣
  • Each is followed by a 1-2 minute active recovery period.  During the initial portion of the recovery you want to focus on breathing to drop heart rate quickly and then stay active for another 1 minute so that your heart rate does not drop too low into the recovery zone.
  • Repeat 5-12 reps.⁣