I'm excited to launch this new monthly Morpheus newsletter to help:

  • Keep you up to date on all things Morpheus
  • Give you tips and strategies around things like HRV, heart rate training, regeneration strategies, lifestyle tips, and more
  • Share success stories from your fellow Morpheus users
  • Let you know what we're currently working on and give you insight into the future development of Morpheus

What's new with the Morpheus app?

Morpheus app updates for iOS and Android are now available to download!

These updates fix several important issues. If you haven't updated your app already, here are the links to do that:

We've been working hard to improve our testing process and reduce/eliminate any bugs and small issues as much as possible. We recognize it's not fun when things don't work and we expect each new update to keep improving Morpheus.

Be sure to set your app updates to "automatic" so that you always have the most recent version of the app.

For instructions on how to do this, go here: 

Apple: How to Set Apps to Update Automatically

Android: How to Set Apps to Update Automatically

All about HRV

While heart rate variability (HRV) is easier to measure than ever using apps like Morpheus, there's more and more misinformation about what it really is and how to use it.

Some of the things I’ve heard people recently say about HRV is just flat-out wrong.

That's why I hopped on Facebook Live a couple weeks ago to clear up the confusion around HRV. I covered topics such as:

• What HRV actually measures (and what it doesn't)

• Is it always a good thing when your HRV goes up?

• Do you need to measure HRV in the morning?

• Is it better to measure HRV 24 hours a day?

• The link between HRV and inflammation

• How to use HRV to track your fitness

Click here to learn all about HRV

Product Highlight: The M3

Our Morpheus M5 band measures heart rate and HRV using the most accurate and validated optical sensor on the market - it’s really the best there is. 

But when it comes to training, particularly at high intensities and speeds. This is something that all optical sensors struggle to keep up with.

That's why we also have a precision chest strap available called the M3 Heart Rate Monitor

The M3 works together with the Morpheus app, the M5 band, and virtually any other mobile app, fitness watch, or cardio equipment.

For the rest of March, we're offering $10 off the Morpheus M3 heart rate monitor. (the discount is automatically applied after you select "Buy Now")

Get Your M3 Heart Rate Monitor Today for just $47

Morpheus Success Story

We love to celebrate and share the success stories from of our Morpheus community!

Today, I wanted to share the story of Mary. She's a 50-year-old with a busy career in Event Planning and she's been using Morpheus to optimize her recovery and focus on her health and fitness...

"Using Morpheus has allowed me to tailor my training sessions to what my body needs on a particular day. It has given me permission to go a little easier if my recovery score is low and it has also given me the encouragement to go harder if my score is high. It has empowered me to train smarter and to train according to what my body needs.

Since I began using Morpheus, I have seen my fitness improve dramatically thanks to the information I have on a daily basis. What I appreciate most about Morpheus, both the tool and the team behind it, is that it approaches fitness from a holistic perspective and puts equal emphasis on the connection of mind and body as it does on the physical aspects of training. 

I am so grateful to have this tool and can't imagine training without it."

Would you like to share your Morpheus story? 

We’d love to hear from you! Simply reply to this email and let us know how using Morpheus has helped you. 

Thank you for your support!

That's it for now. Enjoy the rest of your week and thanks again for being part of the Morpheus community.

Look for the next Morpheus newsletter coming in April.

- Joel and Team Morpheus

P.S. Don't forget that we're always here to help. If you ever need anything, you can simply reply to this email, check out our support portal, or contact us directly.