The GRID, powered by Morpheus, is the first and only way to deliver truly personalized fitness at scale.  Deliver a better training experience, help people connect the dots between lifestyle and training, and build your coaching business. 

We hope that you like what you see below.  **Note that the visuals are not 100% final, but will give you an idea of what The GRID will be capable of.  

We hope to have The GRID ready to launch by Fall of 2020.

If you have any questions, please reach out to and we are happy to help.

Also, join the "Early Notification List" at to stay updated as we get closer to launching The GRID.

The GRID will be available as an Android and Apple phone app as well as an iPad app.  

The GRID app puts the power of personalized fitness in the palm of your hand.  

View and manage all the Morpheus data from everyone you train and deliver better results than ever.

The USERS tab allows you to create specific groups for your clients or members.  

This tab allows you to view data overview for the current day for each "user".

The yellow bell symbols to the right of certain users in the visual above means that they have a data alert that you might want to review.  

If you notice any data alerts that require your attention, you will be able look at those and then also communicate directly with your clients.

You can also communicate with any member of your Grid for any reason related Morpheus, training, recovery, lifestyle, etc.

To view any one person's data, you just tap on that person to open up his or her detailed profile.  You'll be able to see data trend graph for recovery score, sleep quantity, daily steps (activity), training, and HRV.  On the right you'll see the metrics for "today" as well as the average for the time range you have selected.

By tapping on any one of the metrics, you can open up more detailed information about that specific metric.

Below is an example of the detailed Recovery score page.

Below is an example of the detailed HRV page.

Below is an example of the detailed Training page.

One of the biggest challenges in fitness has always been how to deliver personalized fitness even when training large groups. Finally, the new GRID app gives you the ability to let each person train in their own zones and get the most out of every single workout - True personalization at scale.  

*Only the iPad app can be used for the live heart rate training component (not iPhone or Android phone).  Below is a view of a live session on an iPad.

iPad can be projected to larger screen such as a TV.  Below are two views of projecting to a TV...from a larger amount of members to a smaller amount of members.

Below is an example of one of the post-workout views.

Below is an example of another post-workout view.