Although it is not required to get your daily recovery score, it is recommended that you use the Morpheus sleep feature to help track additional metrics, including self-perceived ratings of fatigue, nutrition quality and alcohol consumption.

This will help further increase the accuracy of your recovery score and heart rate zones each day. If you are using an Android device, you can also use the Morpheus alarm feature to help estimate your sleep.  

  • Select Sleep from the navigation menu.
  • Complete the bedtime questionnaire by answering the questions using the slider scale.
  • When rating nutrition quality, 1 is the lowest and 5 is the best.  For fatigue level, 1 is no fatigue and 5 is the highest fatigue.
  • Press Submit

Android Devices Only

  • Once you press Submit, you can set your alarm
  • You can stop using the sleep feature at any time by sliding up on the screen. This will prevent the alarm from going off.
  • The total sleep detected from when you set the alarm to when you stop it will appear as “Sleep Detected” in the wake-up questionnaire.  You can adjust this value using the slider.  

Remember the more information you give Morpheus the more accurate he will be!