To get your new M3 up and running, follow the items outlined below. This will ensure your M3 is ready to be used for training.  

Note #1: DO NOT connect the M3 directly to your phone in the Bluetooth device settings of your phone.  If you connect your M3 this way to your phone you will have a difficult time connecting the M3 to the Morpheus app. 

Note #2: The M3 cannot be used for the recovery test in the Morpheus app.  It can only be used for heart rate training (exercise) purposes.

Getting started with the M3 Chest Strap

1. Attach the M3 transmitter to the strap and wear it as you would for a workout.

Sensor Orientation:

Important: In order to read accurately, the heart rate sensor must be snapped into the chest strap so that the Morpheus logo is right side up and could be read by someone facing you. This means when you snap the sensor into the chest strap, the Left snap should be on the left side of your body and the Right snap should be on the right.

2. Press SYNC in the Morpheus app.

3. Connect to the M3.  

  • If you have a Morpheus M5 device your app may automatically try to connect to it if it is in range.  If this happens just press Choose Device.
  • You will see a list of any nearby Bluetooth devices.  Choose your M3.  The number in the app will match the number on the back of your M3 transmitter.  Check the box next to your M3 and then press OK.

  • After a moment you will see that your M3 is fully set up and is ready to use.

4. Disconnect your M3 transmitter fully from the strap if you do not plan to use it right away.

  • It is important to fully disconnect the M3 transmitter from the strap when not in use.  This will help preserve the battery of the M3 and will also prevent corrosion from sweat.

Training With the M3 Chest Strap

Please see details at this link: Training with the M3 Chest Strap 

Sync a Saved Workout from M3 to Morpheus App

If you are working out with the M3 but WITHOUT the M5, you can record the data to the M3 and then sync it to your Morpheus app after the workout.

Please see details at this link:  Sync a Saved Workout From M3 to Morpheus App

For the full M3 user guide please visit the link below: