Although everyone is different and not every single person will fall within the same ranges, some general guidelines of where your Morpheus HRV score should be:

Keep in mind these are general ranges that your average HRV should be in the majority of the time. It’s normal to see daily fluctuations that may fall outside these ranges, but your average should always stay within them.

If your HRV is already in these ranges, work to improve strength, power and other areas of performance while keeping HRV from dropping below them.  If you’re consistently below them, however, the most important thing is to get it into the right range as quickly as possible before focusing on anything else.

As you age, your HRV naturally declines (and this isn't a good thing).  It means you’re more susceptible to a range of health problems, and your risk of dying from things like cardiovascular disease, stroke, and even cancer goes up.⁣