Within the Morpheus Training app there is an interval training feature that can help you get the most out of your conditioning training sessions.

You can access the interval selector interface one of two ways:

  • Tap on TRAIN and then tap on Cardio or Mixed.  Connect your heart rate monitor, and then start your workout.  Then in the upper right corner there will be a white stopwatch icon that you can tap on to scan through and set up an interval method that you want to complete.
  • Tap on TRAIN and then tap on Cardio or Mixed.  You will see a white stopwatch icon in the upper right corner.  Tap on that to access the interval selector.  You can just tap around to see what is in there if you are not planning to do a workout or you can set up and save an interval prior to starting your workout.  If you do it this way you can connect your heart rate monitor to the app after you have set up the intervals.  Then you can start your workout and your intervals will be ready to go as soon as you are ready to start them.

There are 12 different interval methods in the app that are categorized by intensity level and named with a color to symbolize the intensity level.  Below is a picture of these 12 interval methods from within the app.

Each interval type has different presets for reps, work time, and rest time that you can edit (within certain parameters).  When you change these settings you will be able to see the total duration of your interval session.

There is also a "details" page for each interval type that explains the goal of the intervals, how to complete them, and exercise recommendations.  There is also a graph that shows what these intervals should look like when done correctly.

For more information on each of these interval types, please check out the course at this link:  https://trainwithmorpheus.com/courses/zone-based-interval-training/ 

Lastly, there are 5 different audio alerts that you can set to help guide you through your interval session.  You can choose to have any of these turned on or off. 

  • Start Work - this alert plays when it's time to start the "work" phase of a rep
  • Start Rest - this alert plays when it's time to start the "rest" phase of a rep
  • Inside HR Zone Target - this alert plays when you have entered the target HR Zone area for either work time or rest time of any rep.
  • Outside HR Zone Target - this alert plays when you go outside of the target HR zone area (above or below) for at least 3 consecutive seconds.  This is a prompt to get your HR back into the target area.
  • Countdown - this alert plays 3 times during the final 3 seconds of any work or rest phase of a rep.  For example, if you choose "Beep" for this alert, you will hear a beep at 3 seconds, 2 seconds, and 1 second remaining in any work or rest phase.  Then following the countdown either the "Start Work" or "Start Rest" alert will play.

Note:  These alerts are specific to each interval type.  So you will need to set them for each of the different interval types.  Tapping LOAD and then YES is how you save the settings.  After you set them the first time, the app will remember your settings so that you will not need to set them again, but you can choose to change the alerts any time you want to.

When you have entered the settings that you want for your interval session you will tap the LOAD button and then choose YES when asked it you are sure you want to save the interval settings.

After this you will be returned to the main training screen and will see a green stopwatch icon with a "play" symbol in the middle.  Tap this icon when you are ready to start your interval session.  You will see the details of the session that you set up at the bottom of the screen.  And when ready you press the blue START button.

After pressing the START button you will see (and hear if you have the countdown alert turned on) a 3-2-1 after which the "work" time for your first repetition will start.

The intensity goal of any "Work" or "Rest" phase of any repetition is to get your heart rate into the outlined HR Zone target area (pictured below).

A "rep" is counted after you have completed both the "work" and "rest" phase.  In other words, one rep is "work + rest".

When you have completed the rest time of your final rep, you will hear 5 bells to indicate that your interval session has been completed and you will see the "Intervals Complete" visual on the screen.  At that point you can choose to end your overall workout or you can continue your overall workout.  A best practice is to press Continue and then either perform cooldown or continue with your workout in any way that you want to.  If you want to perform more intervals of any interval type, just tap the white stopwatch icon in the upper right corner and complete the set-up.  You can complete one interval type during your workout or multiple interval types - this is up to you (or your coach or program you are following).

Note: you may choose to end your intervals prior to the completion of the final rep.  Just press the blue Pause button and then choose to Stop Intervals.  This will end your interval session but will give you the option to End or Continue your overall workout.  

Coming in a future app update will be a new workout results screen so that you can see what intervals you did and where in the workout you did them.

Also, you will be able to see how well you did with your interval session relative to how it was supposed to go from a work and rest heart rate zone perspective.  

So this is not the end...this is just the beginning of some huge changes in this area for Morpheus.  Enjoy and stay tuned...!