PLEASE NOTE:  Heart rate chest straps tend to work best when the electrode sensors (on the left and the right of the middle transmitter) are slightly wet.  A simple best practice to is wet the sensors just before putting on the chest strap.  This can be done with water or electrode gel.

PLEASE NOTE:  To save battery life of the M3, be sure to fully unsnap the middle transmitter from the chest strap when not in use.

There are 2 ways to effectively train with the M3 chest strap.

Option #1:  Connect the M3 directly to the Morpheus app to see your real-time heart rate zone information on the screen of the app.

Option #2:  Connect the M3 to the M5 as an ANT+ device.  This option will use the M3 chest strap as the heart rate monitoring device and will show your heart rate and zone on the M5.  In this case you can choose to wear your M5 however/wherever you want to make it easiest for you to see.

On the M5...

  • From the Train screen press the side button to access the screen shown below. 

  • To connect the M3 (or any other ANT+ chest strap) to the M5, tap the touchscreen to highlight ANT+ DEVICE and then press the side button on the M5 to confirm.  

  • You will then see the FIND DEVICE screen as it searches for nearby compatible ANT+ devices.  Please ensure that your device is powered on and/or you are wearing it at this time.

  • When the M5 finds a compatible device, it will return an ID# highlighted in white on the screen.  Press the side button to confirm.

Then proceed as normal to start your workout using your M5.

When your workout has ended, you can remove your M3 chest strap, unsnap the transmitter from the strap, and sync the workout from your M5 to the Morpheus app.

For instructions on how to sync your workout from the M5 to the Morpheus app, please follow this link to that specific article:

Sync a Saved Workout to Morpheus App