Install the Morpheus Recovery app via the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (Apple iOS). 

  • If you’re using iOS, please note that the Morpheus app is only compatible with the iPhone, not the iPad.


General Set Up

Launch the app and select “Create an account.” 

Select “I have a band.”

 Follow the prompts to enter your basic info and create an account password.

Fitness Metrics Set Up

Enter your fitness stats.  

If you know your max heart rate, enter it here.  Otherwise, Morpheus will estimate it for you.  

You will also need to estimate your general fitness level – low, moderate, or high.  


You may also enter your anaerobic threshold if you have completed an assessment to measure this number.

For more information on measuring max heart rate and Anaerobic Threshold for free without clunky lab equipment

When you're done entering your general settings, press SAVE at the bottom of the screen.

Activity and Sleep Tracking Set Up

Although not required to use Morpheus effectively, if you currently own an activity or sleep tracking device, it's important to set up your tracking properly to give Morpheus the most accurate picture of your daily stress load.

If you prefer not to track your activity, you can select “none” from the drop-down menu.  Please note that tracking is not required to get a recovery score, but the more information Morpheus collects, the more accurately he’ll be able to calculate your recovery and provide guidance for daily training zones.

For more detailed information on click the link below:

Activity and Sleep Tracking With Morpheus

Now that you have set up your Morpheus app, it's time to start using it to balance your training and recovery by using Morpheus as your guide.